The Mission

Aiding Mother’s in re-parenting their inner child while parenting their child through movement, art, mindfulness, and community support.

This method helps reduce depression, anxiety and suicide rates, offering a proactive approach to addressing mental health challenges in both adults and children. By enabling mothers to reconnect with their inner child, it becomes simpler for them to recognize areas where they require additional care and how they might be reflecting this on to their child.

the problem

As we journey through childhood, experiences from that time tend to stay with us long term.

For instance, a child raised by a single parent might misinterpret their mother's frequent absence due to work as a lack of desire to spend time together. Similarly, a child facing bullying at school may feel unheard by adults. Even a child going through their parents' divorce may wrongly blame themselves for the family's breakup.

We strongly believe that fostering connections between mothers and children through Art, Movement, and Mindfulness can lead to:

1. Healing generational trauma and breaking toxic cycle

2. Enhancing mutual understanding, aiding in self-discovery

3. Embracing a purposeful and fulfilling life



As mothers dedicate themselves to nurturing their children, they encounter the fact that our children mirror aspects of ourselves on a smaller scale. While guiding our children, we see it as a great chance to care for our own inner child. Children absorb knowledge through art, movement, play, and mindfulness practices. Through these important avenues, we aim to remind adults to embrace a childlike mindset when facing life's challenges. By adopting a learning attitude and granting oneself a fresh start, we can also nurture positive traits in our future generation, our children.


“ Recognizing play as critical for children to experience joy and wonder, early childhood educators incorporate frequent opportunities for play in their teaching strategies “